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Just Filing

Making It Easy. Doing It Now.

...maybe not Just Filing, how about
preparing the way for digital filing
or more simply, tidying up.

Why Choose Us

You might need help if....

1. Resources are limited - people, time etc

2. There is too much to fix e.g.

3. You cannot quickly locate documents

Just Filing can help you with all of the above

why choose us

Why we want to help

We recognize that successful business is dependent on good documentation which needs to be stored, retrieved, shared and sometimes destroyed.

Retrieving documents quickly is important for your own client care and we are experienced in listing sufficient details to quickly locate specific documentation.

Digital filing is the future and your document management system will inherit any faults of your paper system. Let’s get it right with a good file plan and file names.

We understand your need to carry on business as usual and that you may lack the time to devote to ‘getting ready’ for a digital transition ... we can help.